2019 NASCAR Whelen Virginia State Rookie of the Year!!

Daniel's Racing Story

Daniel's passion for racing started at 3 years old while viewing his first NASCAR race on TV with his father.  As his dad likes to say, "Daniel was hooked from that moment."  At 6 1/2 years old Daniel was finally tall enough to jump into his first competitive go-kart at Allsports Grand Prix.  Over the years Daniel has achieved success in go-karts, INEX Bandolero Series and the INEX Legend Series, winning multiple championships along the way.  When not at the tracks, he can be found on iRacing competing with friends and other drivers as well as participating in various sporting events.  He continues to enjoy watching NASCAR, football and baseball.  His favorite new driver is Daniel Hemric and his favorite sports teams are the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies. 

Daniel's Racing Story


2007-In The Beginning

Daniel was finally tall enough to jump into his first competitive go-kart at 6 1/2 years old (He needed all that extra padding to reach the pedals)  Allsports Grand Prix, located in Northern Virginia was such an amazing facility to start his racing experience.  His first instructor was Ryan Ellis, current Xfinity driver.  Great memories!

In 2012, Daniel began competing in the Allsports Kids League never placing below 3rd in any season.

  • 2015, 1st Place Spring League
  • 2015, 2nd Place Winter League
  • 2014, 3rd Place, Fall League
  • 2014, 2nd Place, Spring League
  • 2014, 2nd Place, Winter League
  • 2013, 3rd Place, Winter League
  • ​2012, 2nd Place, Fall League​

Sadly in 2015 Allsports Grand Prix closed down which opened the door for Daniel's next chapter, INEX Series Bandolero Racing.


2015-Stepping Outside

Bando...what?  Yeah, that was our first response to hearing about INEX Series racing.  With the closing of Allsports, it was time to take our driving to the outdoor tracks.  We raced at Shenandoah Speedway and Southside Speedway.  Daniel and crew (i.e. Dad), with the help of fellow competitors learned the ropes on taking care of and setting up the Bandolero car.  These cars run a Briggs & Stratton 30 HP engine which can reach 70 MPH on some tracks.  It took us a year to adjust and in 2016 things really took off.

  • 2016, VA State Champion, INEX Bandolero Outlaw Division
  • 2016, Southside Speedway Champion, Bandolero Series​


2017-Moving Up to Legends

After two years in the Bandolero Series and finishing with a successful season, Daniel moved up to the more powerful Legend Car Young Lion Series.  These cars are FAST.  Weighing just over 1300 lbs and powered by a Yahama 1250cc engine producing 140+ HP, these cars are just awesome to watch.  They are one of the hardest cars to drive due to the HP-to-Weight ratio as well as the short wheelbase.  Daniel jump into the car and immediately showcased his abilities at the INEX Winter Nationals as well as various other venues.  He took home 2 wins and nearly 20 top 3 finishes in 28 starts, securing his second Virginia State Title in his rookie year.

  • 2018 INEX Legend (YL Div) - 2nd Overall in National Points
  • 2018 INEX Legend (YL Div) - VA State Champion
  • 2018 INEX Legend - Southside Speedway Champion
  • 2017 INEX Legend (YL Div) - VA State Champion
  • 2017 INEX Legend - Shenandoah Speedway Rookie of the Year
  • 2017, INEX Winter Nationals, YL Division - 3rd place


2019-Nascar All-American Whelen Series

With two highly successful years in INEX Legend cars, Daniel will be running a partial season in the Nascar Late Model Series for the  Sellers-Burton Racing Team.  Our goal is to run 7-10 races at South Boston Speedway while also running the INEX Legend cars at Southside, Langley and other area tracks.